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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, no easy answer. murders in the district still on the rise and tonight community leader came together to try to find solutions while a local family pleads for help in solving a case that's gone cold. >> breaking news in the latest legal battle over gay marriage.
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why it will not reach the u.s. supreme court. >> and mobile medicine, a trip to the doctor's office now available in the palm of your hand. it's a time saver but not everyone's on board. >> too much talk, not enough action. that's the message tonight from community leaders fed up with the violence in the district. >> two more homicides in d.c. over the weekend bringing the total to 105 this year. that is the same number the district saw in all of 2014 and new tonight police tell our darcy spencer 61 of those 105 homicides are still unsolved. darcy is live at the wilson building for us with the search for solutions to all this. darcy? >> you can answer there's a lot of frustration. what do you do to deal with d.c.'s rising crime problem? it became very clear in the meeting house tonight.
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there's no quick fix. >> the rise of violent behavior is rampant. dozens of neighborhood leaders pack a hearing room at the wilson building. >> we are seeing guns. we are seeing more powerful guns. >> they want answers to d.c.'s growing crime problem a 40% rise in the murder rate and an uptick in overall violence. >> i think it is clear there's an not easy answer or simple answer. >> the meeting called by anita bonds is meant for a brain-storming session but some walked away frustrated. >> we are spending way too much time listening. we need action. we have a homicide rate that's up. the crime rate is up. people are on the edge. >> the meeting comes on the heels of a no confidence vote by the police union on kathy la here in's leadership and a continued demand it bring back undercover vice squad. >> unless we have a group to penetrate the guns how the guns are getting into the community and who is bringing these guns
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to the community, we will bring business down. >> last weekend's all hands on deck put more cops on the street still there were two homicides. and many hear site different reasons for the spike in crime. >> lack of opportunities. and i think when he it comes down to jobs, it comes down to income, comes down to education. all of those key components that provide resources so that people can do and live at a higher quality of life. >> they broke up into different groups to strategize and come up with some solutions. we're expected to find out what they came up with here in the coming days. back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you. one d.c. family has been living with thing a knee of an unsolved murder for six years now. it was august 29, 2009, when somebody shot and killed 27-year-old celine hilton in the
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shaw neighborhood. just like matthew shlonski killed in that area a if you weeks ago, but no one has ever been arrested in his case. jackie benson spoke to the hilton family about all this tonight. jackie? >> during his family wonders if those involved in this most recent violence know something, anything about the murder of celine hilton. >> we, as a community, got to get strong and say enough, enough. hilton's parents fell in love with the diversity and architecture of d.c.'s shaw neighborhood long before it came what it is today and raised their kids here. their younger brother celine, talented artist, visiting childhood friends on august 29, 2009. sharing the happy news he he had been hired to teach at a d.c. charter school when someone opened fire in the court yard at fifth and o streets northwest where the group was standing. the pain of that loss remains sharp.
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it's hard to have moments of joy and moments of excitement and celebration in our family. knowing he's not a part of it. >> some comfort came from establishing a scholarship in celine's name to help deserving students realize their artistic potential. >> amazing. you know what i mean? >> six years later, hilton siblings feelings are bitter sweet. they are realizing the potential and there is sadness and anger and more insent lives lost to cultural violence that persist. they he can't help but wonder the same people not speaking up now also know who murdered their brother. >> they could be watching thissant view right now. that's how scary that is. >> and six years later, there is still a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person who
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murdered celine hilton. back to you. >> thank you, jackie. we have just got new information from d.c.'s police. another person of interest in that matthew shlonski killing. 19-year-old dudley is a suspect in a d.c. burglary and now they want to talk to him about the killing of the au grad. he was shot and killed april 15th. police have made one arrest in his murder. >> here at the live desk we're following a major supreme court order that may put a period on the sentence of the same-sex marriage debate. the county clerk who took her case to the high court has to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses tomorrow or possibly go to jail. kim davis lost her legal fight. when the supreme court legalized gay marriage, kentucky's governor ordered all county clerks to comply. davis argued she couldn't because of her religious objections so she stopped issuing marriage licenses to
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everyone. several couples, gay and street, sued her. so she either has it violate her christian belief or face fines and possibly jail. about the only other option is stepping down and her attorney said she will pray about the issue tonight. jim? >> chris, thank you. decision today from the highest court in the land regarding bob mcdonald, chief justice john roberts granted the former virginia governor a stay that will keep him out of prison while he appeals his corruption conviction. that could take several months. mcdonald faces two-year prison sentence. the clock is ticking for a commission for posing rules for police body cameras in maryland. the deadline is october first. that panel will gather again tomorrow in annapolis for its second meeting. members are trying to figure out how law enforcement should use the cameras. among the questions, they are trying to answer is when officers can turn off the cameras and how departments will store all of the video. >> new tonight, tacoma park
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residents say they are being forced out of their homes, renters protested outside the building tonight. they say they receive notice last month that their rent would go up beginning in september. as much as 72% in some cases. >> on july 23, 2015, most the tennants in this building were given rent increases from range up to $639 that we currently are aware of. >> the new owner of the complex said the tenant association approved the rent increase to cover the cost for maintenance of the building. they sent a quote saying the building was deteriorating with 580 code violations and $3.6 million in needed repairs . residents will have six months to decide whether or not to move. >> there are tough questions from news 4. before today united medicalh5)$% center was the only hospital in the city you with the a traffic
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light and crosswalk at its entrance. to date two bus stops on southern avenue were move sewed workers could install one. by midweek there will be a flashing pedestrian sign crossing and by december, a button will be installed for pedestrians. after two women died crossing the street in just the past six months. >> tonight we learned president obama called the widow of a texas deputy killed in an ambush. harris county deputy darren goforth was shot and killed while filling his car with gas in a houston suburb over the weekend. a suspect shot goforth several times and they say there is no apparent motive. go forth was a 10-year veteran of the sheriff's department, father two of. they offered condolences to his widow and called the targeting of police officers unacceptable. >> he loved life. he was truly kind to people. he smiled all the time.
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loved ones shared memories of adam ward tonight. the photo journalist killed on live tv. hundreds of people showed up tonight it pay respect to ward's family. they held a visitation in salem, virginia. ward's family encouraged people to wear maroon, the colors of salem high school, and virginia tech. ward and reporter alison parker were killed during broadcast by a disgrunt elled coworker who later shot himself. ward's funeral is set for tomorrow morning. meanwhile tonight, a look at how virginia tech football players will honor adam ward and alison parker. they will wear number 7, a tribute to the local roanoke station where they worked. they will wear their stickers during the first game of the season one week from tonight. >> next at 11:00, president obama taking on climate change on his trip to alaska but
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tonight there's a lot more to talk about, the name of the nation's tallest peak. >> can a selfie with some smart phone app really replace a trip to the doctor? how some dermatologists are using technology to save you time. >> temperature going up over the next couple of days and so is the humidity. i'll show you how hot we're about to get. >> i'm chris lawrence out here back behind the live desk. releasing more than 7,000 pages of hillary clinton e-mails. about 150 are designated as classified. now they are all from her tenure as secretary of state but none were classified when she sent or received them. all upgraded after the fact and only to the
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president obama arrived in alaska for a three-day visit where he will push for new action on climate change. at a conference dealing with climate in the arctic he said tonight world leaders must agree to cut carbon emissions p because the claimate is changing faster than efforts it curb global warming. >> we have to do it together. this year in paris has to be the year. the world finally reaches an agreement to protect the one planet that we got while we still can. >> this week the president will see melting glaciers and eroding coast lines in person. he will become the first sitting president to appear on a reality show when he tapes an episode of running wild with bear grills in a couple of months. >> a mountain of controversy
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over the president's decision to rename the highest peak in north america. for generations it's been called mount mckinley after our nation's 25th president but today president barack obama gave back its original name, denali. officials in mckinley's home state of ohio are outraged. the white house tonight said it would find another way to honor president mckinley. >> crowds are expected to be so large when pope francis visits in just three weeks. a new cell phone tower has been put up at the catholic university campus. officials there say it will boost cell service and support emergency calls. not to mention yourselfies. pope frances will celebrate mass on the campus september 23rd. search pope visit in the nbc washington app it find out how your commute could be impacted during the visit. >> you could take a selfie and get treatment for your acne.
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that's the concept of some of the newest apps for smart phones. something called telle dermatology. ? doctors wonder if it could be worth the risk. >> she played violin. every minute of the day i feel like is pretty much full. >> when eileen lopez pew needs to take her daughter, olivia, to the dermatologist's office, trying to find time that fits in with her activities seems impossible. >> anything we can do to ease the schedule for our family. >> but this app could help. it is called dermatologist on call. one of dozens of apps promising to treat skin problems within days. all without leaving your home. >> a photograph has a reason and it is forwarded to the board certified dermatologist who will review the case and render
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diagnosis providing treatment plan and prescribe appropriate prescription. >> dr. joanne simpson is an alexandria dermatologist who works with the dermatologist on call app. she said she reviews information on her smart phone. typically seeing conditions like acne, warts, athletes foot and rosac rosacea. >> it is very straight forward. very much what i experience being here in the office. >> dr. simpson says it gives patients quick access it a dermatologist. she he is required to address it within 72 hours. try getting into a dermatologist office within weeks. dr. eyesen is concerned that patients won't get the follow-up care they need and pictures often don't provide enough information. >> especially if the picture is
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poor quality. i can't tell you how many times a patient gives me a photograph after rash. but when they come in in person, there is a totally different diagnosis. >> she will recommend an office visit if she can't confirm a diagnosis. >> that makes this patient feel safe. she suffered from acne for a long time. >> if i don't have time for an appointment i can take a selfie and send it in for them to help me point it in the right direction and write a prescription. >> there are things to keep m mind if you're interested in this. most health insurance does not cover these on-line visits which can cost anywhere from 30 to a hundred bucks. also, states have different regulations regarding tele medicine. in maryland it has to be done in realtime. meaning over a program like skype. it is okay though it use these apps in virginia and d.c.
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>> the selfie thing has an air brush filter on it. >> you can't see it exactly. >> you may not real eyes this most of my friends, my wife's friends, they are all doing it on their own. like doing their -- i had no idea people were doing that. >> doing what? >> photo shopping themselves. i had no clue. let's get on to weather. we are running out of time here. i had no clue. there is apps for that. take you outside and show you what is happening. currently on the warm side. 77 degrees. under partly cloudy skies. dew point, 70. any time these dew point are in near 70, you know it is rather humid. that's exactly what we have out there right now. 72 degrees the current number in frederick. 74 down towards the river and 76 towards fredericksburg. very mild night. one of the more mild night we've seen in a long time. it has been almost all day, few showers back west today. that's about it. bus stop forecast, sun rise tomorrow 6:37. between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., on
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the humid side. temperatures in the upper 70s. by the time kids are out of school, 91 degrees. humidity is in place. heat index could be close to 95 degrees. satellite and radar, nothing going on across the region. we are in a very quiet pattern, southwesterly winds help to continue to give us that humidity during the day tomorrow. out towards the west, leesburg, coming in around 91. 92 in culpepper. 91 in frederick. 91 in d.c. i'm up in this. how about 93 degrees. that's where we will be during the day tomorrow. sticky today. tomorrow and really the next couple of days. humidity will be rather uncomfortable. not quite oppressive. not talking about the heat index over a hundred but we will get close to that i think during the day thursday and the next couple of days. exercising tomorrow, best to do it early or late in the day when it is cooler. recess and lunch. recess for the kids and lunch for us adults. hot and humid for sure. rush hour both looking very, very good as you move on across the region looking good for the morning rush and for that
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evening rush. next couple of days, 93 on tuesday. 92 on wednesday with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. 93 on thursday. heat index could be close to 100. 90 degrees friday. that and i think the best chance for showers and storms. but only 40% chance and if you look towards saturday, sunday and monday, high temperatures looking great for the weekend. highs in mid to upper 80s. monday a high temperature of 91 degrees and of course monday we are talking about labor day. that labor day weekend looking good. you guys laughing good. find an app. >>. >> all right. >> coming up, major shake-up for the skins as you know. jason is up next to tell us why jay gruden decided to start curt
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this is the xfinity sports desk. home for the most live sports. >> all right, here we go. all cousins, all season long. >> he he's the guy, the man. >> the change was made early this morning, coach jay gruden, there is curt cousin's team. he's the man picked to lead the redskins from the 2015 season. and preseason performance and what he showed coaches during the off season and this has nothing to do with rg3 as cannot kugs or play on the field all about kirk. and cousins started nine regular season games for the skins last year. he took over for griffen due to injury. and turn over prone with nine interceptions in five starts. preseason kirk looking like a
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brand new player, though. quick decision and less turnovers. >> taking a giant leap so far and we feel great about the progress he made. and i think that all that that happened last year with all three quarter he backs has been a great experience for him. as quarterback, you have to be mentally tough and you have to grow from it and we are thinking they will grow from it. >> something powerful about feeling believed in and something powerful about knowing where he you stand. jay has done that today. i will do all i can to take this opportunity and run with it and hopefully provide a great quarterback play all season long. cousins will start against jacksonville. and let's talk baseball for a moment. nationals in st. louis going toe to toe with the best scene in all of baseball. and that's fans invading busch stadium and hoping for a win in
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house of cards. they are already with a an rbi double with the game and two on and take this ball deep. putting nationals up. three-run shot and 13th hope run of the season and after 5-3 at this point. and bottom of the frame and two on two out for casey januarisen and he gets the better of him here. and drops into right center and brings in a run and rbi single. and we are tied at 5. for jason hayward, sends this ball over the head of jason worth. both runs come in to score. cards take 7-5 lead. this is gone, final, st. louis wins by a final of 8-5. orioles hosting the rays break out the big boy gloves. manny making his first career start shortstop in the big leagues at the dish. it is pretty good. almost. he has a lead-off homer here.
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kevin -- >> whoa! >> good catch there. big boy gloves. nice hand/eye coordination. love it. top of the fourth rays had no problem getting the ball out of the ballpark. cabrera, moon shot. three homers in the game for tampa, double up with a final score of 6-3. baltimore now lost 11 of their last 12 games. > ♪
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